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"I've already done the pseudo code in my head"

About me

Hello, I'm Harry.

I am 18 years old and am currently studying Computer Science, Geography, Electronics and Photography at Highcliffe Sixth Form.

I am the Director of Communications at Heffenby, Burger Critique and the Founder of iHighcliffe. (now the primary VLE for Highcliffe School.)

In my free time I enjoy writing and designing software and websites as well as the rather opposite hobby of outdoor adventure.

You've found my personal website. Here you can view some of my latest work and creations in my portfolio. If you wish to get in touch with me you can do so via most social networks or here on my contact page.

Wanna make your wheels look sick? Have Pinchy clean them at Harbour Reflections.


Here is some of my most recent work.

Photography : Portraits

A collection of traditional portraits taken for friends.

Web Design : MyHighcliffe

I became responsible for the redesign of Highcliffe School's VLE, after launching iHighcliffe and it being a huge success with students.

Photography : Landscapes

A selection of landscape photos taken in both urban and rural enviroments.

Web Design & Members Area

I developed the main website and fully functional members area (ParentPortal) for the Hordle Scout Group.

Photography : Portraiture Through Disguise

I chose to focus on Portraiture Through Disguise for my Unit 1 portfolio in AS Photography.

Web Design : Ticketing Site

I have produced a ticket sales website for a large scale event, Mega Camp. It includes a Paypal membership system and generates QR codes.

Photography: Dog

A selection of photos of my revolting dog, Betty (A.K.A Cisco).

Get in touch

Mob: 07972766806
E-Mail: hi@hglyde.com

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